The Goodwin Method™ was founded by American Business Consultant Jennifer Goodwin over the past two decades and has become the most ethical marketing framework for entrepreneurs everywhere.
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  • HONESTY: Jennifer blows the whistle on marketing half-truths and fake gurus while showing you how to know what's real and what's not.
  • TRANSPARENCY: I'm sharing my exclusive, sophisticated formula which has only been available to my clients up until now.
  • CLARITY: Watch an expert with over 2 decades of experience show you the WHOLE picture of marketing.
The Goodwin Method™ was founded by American Business Consultant Jennifer Goodwin over the past two decades. Miss Goodwin applied this method to thousands of clients who benefited from her systems and were able to gain massive organic traffic by having a sophisticated foundation as the base of their marketing campaigns. In early 2019, Jennifer decided to start sharing the method with entrepreneurs all over the world after witnessing tons of bad training in the industry and droves of frustrated business owners.
Her system is quickly becoming the gold standard of marketing training and certification in TGM™ carries a lot of prestige in the Marketing & Advertising industry.
5-Day Challenge
  • PHASE 1: RESEARCH Doing your research before anything else ensures that your foundation is solid, gap-less and maximized for the long-term success of your business and marketing. 
  • PHASE 2: PLANNING Planning is NOT building. Do NOT build a site, Facebook page, business card or ANYTHING until you have completed the first 2 phases.
  • PHASE 3: BUILDING Building is upon us! Let’s break ground on websites, funnels, social media networks, initial content, flyers, business cards, print advertisements, email copy and more! This is where it all comes to life AFTER research and planning are complete.
  • PHASE 4: TRAFFIC This is the most exciting phase of the marketing process! Traffic is swirling around your digital assets, funnels and offers are capturing leads and your highly targeted (researched, planned and built) campaigns are converting people into sales.
  • PHASE 5: REPORTS This final phase isn’t the most exciting for a lot of business owners but it should be. This is where the numbers and key performance indicators (KPI’s) will point out what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to be changed. This is when you can scale your traffic sources (free and paid) to scale your revenue.
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